Installment And Duration Of A Loan Of 30000 Euros


Duration and costs of a loan of 30,000 euros. Let us examine how much income is necessary and the permissible durations.

 An amount of 30000 euros cannot be obtained except with an income of medium-high range. However, if there are additional guarantees with respect to income (a surety, a co-existent third party), it is not impossible to get hold of this amount quickly.
It is an important amount and the installment will be equally “substantial”. Two tables follow to get an idea of ​​how, with the same duration, the rate influences the installment and how, at the same rate, it is possible to lighten the installment lengthening the duration of the amortization plan.

Eg: 48 month loan

Rate Duration Installment amount
6 48 704.55
7 48 718.39
9 48 746.55
11 48 775.37

Example: 9% rate loan

Rate Duration Installment amount
9 24 1370.54
9 36 953.99
9 60 622.75
9 72 540.77


If an example of your interest is not included in the table we have prepared, you can use the simulator immediately below the article, on this same page, to calculate the best solution for your needs. Published by: Andrea De Magistris – Updated 24-05-2019
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It is possible to simulate the loan simply by entering the APR and activating the ‘Simulate!’ Function. By moving the sliders it will be possible to vary the amount requested or the amount of the installment that you are willing to pay to get an idea of ​​how one changes with the other.