Honor Loan for Micro-Enterprise

The start-up of a company, regardless of its size, requires an often considerable economic effort and not all new entrepreneurs have their own capital or the support of the banking system. The loan of honor for starting micro-enterprises can be a solution that supports this moment.

Who can apply for a loan of honor for micro-enterprise


The loan can be requested if the activity to be started falls into the category of micro-enterprise. This category is made up of all those companies that have a workforce of less than 10 units and do not charge a sum higher than 2 million euros per year.
It is also necessary, at the time of applying for funding, to be uto 18 and resident in Italy for at least 6 months from the date of application. 

Intended use of the honor loan for micro-enterprise

The loan is of a type aimed at the purchase of goods and services with specific restrictions on business activity and the composition of the expenditure. The capital obtained must in fact be invested in durable goods, plant, machinery, etc.) and non-material assets for long-term use. 10% of the amount can be used to renovate the properties of the new company. The maximum amount obtainable is approximately 129,000 euros.
Only for the first year of activity can the management expenses related to consumables and various production costs, rents, financial charges, etc. be financed by the loan of honor. Expenses in management account are covered, always and only in the first year of activity, by a non-repayable contribution of a maximum value of 12,000 euros.